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19160380With ever increasing fuel and energy costs hitting all of us across our nationĀ each day, Endotech finds itself uniquely positioned to help the entrepreneur control their costs. Endotech LLC is a Virginia Based company that creates and distributes cutting edge energy saving products aimed at reducing energy usage and demand. This is accomplished through a combination of three unique products:

Endocapz which helps motors use less electricity to run which saves you money and reduces your maintenance costs as well.

Endochipz which work with your fan motors in your HVAC system to adjust its run time to an optimal setting. This adjustment reduces the run cycles thus saving you money and wear and tear on the equipment.

Be-this-way-webEndotubz is a very unique product that reduces energy consumption by keeping the space cold. This reduction in compressor run time equals great savings for you.

If you need refrigeration savings then the Endotech Energy Saving System For Refrigeration or EESS is just what you have been looking for. It uses all three products working together to save you money.

If you have no need for refrigeration services then the traditional EESS system will work great. It uses both the Endochipz and the Endocapz to reduce your consumption and lower your costs.

Rounding out our services for EESS, EESS For Refrigeration or as a standalone product is Endoprotecz. Endoprotectz is our NEW Cutting Edge Patented Silicon Compound design that offers superb surge protection. With our unit you can protect your whole operation from deadly surges. Anything powered by the protected fuse box is covered.

Endoprotecz Has A Lifetime Warranty

Sick of ever increasing utility bills consuming your profits?

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