Q – How long does it take to install your system?

A – Usually no longer than a few hours.


Q – Are your tubes connected to anything?

A – No. They are free standing and hung in the ceiling of your walk- in and they do not take up any of your usable space.


Q – How long is the guarantee for your system?

A – 10 Years.


Q – Is there any maintenance required for your system?

A – No. It is maintenance free.


Q – Are your tubes approved to be around food?

A – Yes. They are food grade stainless steel and the solution inside is non-toxic.


Q – What effect will placing your tubes in my walk-in have on the food inside?

Endotubz Moisture-Control

A – A very positive one. First of all, it will help the temperature inside to remain more constant. Secondly, it will remove over 90% of the humidity and moisture inside which will help to keep the food fresher longer and also not ice up in your freezer.


Q – What effect does your system have on my compressor motors?

A – They will run less, cooler and more efficient and also be protected from spikes and surges.


Q – Will your system save me money on my heating as well as my cooling?

A – Yes. Both your heating and your air conditioning.


Q – How expensive is your system?

A – Not at all. If you choose to put it on a lease with a $ 1.00 buyout at the end, it will actually cost you nothing because your monthly savings will be greater than your monthly lease payment.


Q – Is there anything else on the market like your system?

A – Not that we are aware of.


Q – Do you have a product like this that will work in my reach-ins?

A – Not at this time.


Q – Does your system help to create cold?

A – No. It helps to hold the cold much longer than normal after the refrigeration compressor creates it, so that the next time you lose power your walk-in will hold it’s temperature much longer than normal.


Q – If my walk-in has some age on it and the insulation has become wet and lost most or all of it’s effectiveness, what effect if any will your system have in this situation?

A – Because the solution in our tubes draws the moisture out of the air, over time it will help to draw the moisture out of your insulation and help to restore the R value.


Q – Will your system help with the icing problems I have in my freezer?

Endotubz Moisture-Control

A – Yes. Over time, depending on the severity of your problem, it will totally eliminate all of your ice problems.


Q – What effects will your system have on the content of my walk-in cooler?

A – Extended life expectancy of your produce as well as added freshness with more consistent temperatures and less humidity, which will also result in it feeling even colder inside.


Q – What effect will your system have on my compressor motors?

A – They will run less, run cooler and run more efficiently, resulting in less maintenance, less ware and tear and longer life expectancy.   


Q. What effect would your system have on my blast cells?

A. It would allow you to increase the amount of product you load in your blast cell and decrease the amount of time it takes to freeze therefore drastically increasing your throughput.