How It Works

Endocapz –

Capz-On-BlueHow Does It Work?

The motors in your home or business are inefficient. When they turn on they call for more electricity than they need to run and when they run there is lost energy that you are billed for but that is completely wasted. Our Endocapz device captures that excess and wasted energy and recycles it and then releases it back to your motors when needed.

How Does It Help?

This process causes your motors to use less electricity to run and therefore saves you money. It also causes your motors to run much cooler helping to reduce maintenance costs as well as extending the life expectancy of your motors.

Endochipz –

How Does It Work?

New-Label-for-EndochipzThe Endochipz device attaches to the fan motor of your heating/cooling/refrigeration system. It determines how long the fan continues to run after the compressor motor cuts off and how much unused hot or cold air remains in your duct work and then extends the run time of your fan so that 100% of the hot or cold air created will be pushed out of the ducts and into the room.

How Does It Help?

By moving 100% of the hot or cold air created out of the ducts, your number of cycles per hour by your compressor motor will be reduced thus reducing your maintenance costs on your motors as well as extending the life expectancy of your motors and reducing the amount of electricity used by your motors. 


How does it work?

Our system defies what we consider conventional cooling and freezing wisdom with the ability to hold vast volumes of heat. By holding this heat it provides colder environments and reduced run times on refrigeration equipment. This equates to reduced power consumption, energy efficiency, lower utility bills and fewer carbon emissions. Going green makes ecological and environmental sense in today’s world.

How does it help?

  • AfterSaving on utility costs by reducing energy consumption
  • Reduction of refrigeration equipment run-time
  • Fewer defrost cycles
  • Quicker chill and freeze times on all food products
  • Reduction of bacteria growth on food products
  • Maintains consistent, colder temperatures in coolers and freezers
  • Extended hold times and proven survival ability during power outages
  • Decreased wear and tear on motors and compressors
  • Reduced repair and maintenance costs on equipment Compressors run cooler and more efficiently


How Does It Work?
Our new silicon design is a pair of metal electrodes separated by a very high tech special silicon compound. Under normal conditions, the silicon compound is a good insulator so that no line current flows between the electrodes to ground.
When an excessive high voltage occurs on the electrodes, the high energy electrical field ionizes the silicon compound, changing it from a compound to silicon, separate from oxygen. Since the silicon ion is a good conductor, the high energy current is conducted to ground.
When the voltage falls toward normal, the silicon and oxygen recombine, forming the silicon compound and shutting off the conduction.
How Does It Help?
It protects your whole operation from deadly surges. Anything powered by the protected breaker box is covered.
The Endoprotecz Has A Lifetime  Warranty